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Conrail B36-7 5008

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Change In Direction

Conrail 5008 From CRHS Web Site
When I acquired the additional components to expand the D&H 757 simulator from just a cab and nose to install the cab on the lower equipment boxes, I had to make significant changes to the floor of the original cab. The original cab was built on a 2" X 6" wood platform which meant the floor was 3 1/2" too high. That meant I needed to rebuild the entire platform. Since the platform was an integral part of the superstructure, the entire cab would need to be torn apart and then rebuilt.  
The place I acquired the other Dash 7 components also had a B36-7 cab and nose available at the right price. So I decided to replace the cab with a real one and dispose of the original. With about 20 years of work in the original cab I was hesitant to just scrap it and thus offered it for sale. It didn't take long and a deal was struck with the Toronto Railway Historical Association (TRHA) with part of the agreement being that they finish it as the D&H 757. Since their roundhouse is a Canadian Pacific roundhouse, they said they would do that. As well, now that all of my components are from GE Dash 7 locomotives with the majority from Conrail 5008, I decided the appropriate thing to do was to change the simulator from D&H 757 to Conrail 5008.


Sitting In the Scrap Yard
These U28B Handrails Have Also Been Acquired
Nose Still Attached
Note the Rot In the Engineer's Window
On It's Way To It's New Home
Just Arrived - May 2009
I received quite a few "stares" on the way from Utica! (and yes those crossing lights work.)
Conrail 5008 Cab
Conrail 5008's Control Stand
Control stand still missing many of the components. These will be added as I get time.
Anti-Climbers for the Pilot
Conrail 5008 Nose
Upside Down in order to replace the rotted metal.